Each Agency's Fund structure is unique.  The Fund structure you use is strictly up to your Agency. It is common to follow a similar layout as your budgeting process. Your allocation methodologies will be more accurate the more detailed you are in defining your Agency’s structure. 

The Funds only need to be entered once and will appear in every fiscal period. If there are changes to your Agency’s structure simply adjust the data in the Funds table as needed.

Using the Navigation Menu, open the Funds table in the workspace by clicking the View icon to the right of the Funds menu item.


In order to create a new Fund, first click the “+” button and then fill out the fields in the table.

  • # - The row number in the table. This can be used to reorder the rows by typing into the field the position in which you would like the row to appear. 
  • Name - Name of the Fund.

  • Number - Fund number within the Agency. The Fund numbers are shown next to the department numbers. For example, if your Fund number is 200 and your department number is 215, it will show as 200-215 followed by the department name.

  • Short Name - The Short Name is for an abbreviation that you might use for your longer fund names. This name will replace the Name field in the Navigation Menu.

  • Description - Describes the nature and main responsibilities of the Fund. This description is only necessary for a Central Report Item. This description will show up in the Narratives, which are published on the first page of every chapter within the report.

  • Organization(s) - Here, you can establish a relationship to an Organization. In the drop-down, select the Organization that is a parent to the Fund you are editing. You can select more than one option.

    • If you do not see the Organization you need in the drop-down menu, navigate to the Organization(s) Workspace and add the desired Organization.

  • Reallocation Admin- The Reallocation Admin determines how you are distributing your General Administration costs. The Gen Admin column is found on the Expenditures tab and is where you can associate costs that do not belong to any other function. Here you choose whether you would like to allocate the costs in the Gen Admin column for this Fund by:

    • Totals - Reallocates Gen Admin by the total expenditures per function.

    • Salaries - Reallocates Gen Admin in the same way that the Salaries Expenditure line is distributed.

  • Collectible - Unchecking the Collectible checkbox ensures the costs associated with the Fund are not distributed in the cost plan. Generally, you will want to make Funds Collectible.

If you would like to quickly find the Fund that you are looking for you can use the Name and Number filters at the top of the column to filter the table. Simply enter the value you are looking for in the Name or Number columns and the filter will limit the rows to only the values that match the term you have typed into the filter.